Physical Prospects

The choreography „physical prospects“ researches the porous and precarious. It traces pores and voids in the bodies and found them back in the threatening nature of climate crisis and precarious forms of work and life under neoliberalism. These voids and their inherent potential to cause structures to collapse is -on many levels- threatening. It makes us angry. And it makes us vulnerable.

How can resistance find a place in the precarious and porous voids? How can we find resistance in the spaces where vulnerability and anger meet? Anger at the expected but unacceptable circumstances – vulnerability as a radical mode of interaction. “physical prospects” is a manifesto of the fragile and permeable. In the artistic modes of production and the shared moment with the audience, “physical prospects” invites into the hollow spaces of a feminist counter-design.

Concept & Choreography: Nora Tormann
Performance: Milena Stein, Dominique Tegho, Nora Tormann
Stage & Lightdesign: Helena Rauch
Music: Zofia Tomczyk
Mentoring: Sigal Zouk
Physical Prospects is supported by ACUD Theater, TATWERK performative Forschung, Theaterhaus Mitte, and Tanzfabrik Berlin.
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