It is enough

The project entitled “It is enough” is based on the concept of Dreaming Body, which I’m exploring in an artistic context. We are observing and amplifying the movements arising from the emptiness in the presence of our bodies in the space. The main aim of this duo is to highlight the subtleties of small gestures, the power of silence, unknown, unsaid and becoming more sensitive to the states resulting from our presence, closeness. The duo refers to the inner world of each of us, relies on personal experiences, gives space for the individuals to produce own narration to what they perceive.

Concept: Zofia Tomczyk
Performance: Paweł Grala, Zofia Tomczyk
Duration: 30 minutes
Premiere: Scena Robocza, Centrum Rezydencji Teatralnych / Poznań, Poland
Photo: Jakub Wittchen


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